The 2nd International Agricultural and Food Ethics Congress will be organized by the Agricultural and Food Ethics Association and Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, from 24th to 25th October 2019 in İzmir, Turkey. In the Congress, we hope to bring together different disciplines dealing with agricultural and food ethics; academic world and real producers, all stakeholders and components of the agriculture and food systems, both the experiences of our country and that of the world.

Our aim is to contribute to the formation of a fair, sharing and sustainable agriculture and food system that focuses on ethical sensitivities for the well-being of people, society and nature.


Based on this purpose;

Academicians working on or interested in agricultural and food ethics in different disciplines,

Producers who face with the ethical problems of the agriculture and food system, business people, employees and consumers,

Public and private sector institutions, producers’ and consumers’ organizations, non-governmental organizations, professional organizations that are involved in or interact with agriculture and food system,

Students interested in agricultural and food ethics,

Those who think and generate ideas about the ethical problems of agriculture and food system, which is an economic, social and cultural area that closely relates to our lives and human civilization.

We invite you to participate in the 2nd Turkish Agricultural and Food Ethics Congress with international participation.

Warm Regards,


Chairmen of Congress

Prof. Dr. Cemal TALUĞ